Friday, July 27, 2012


Well this week was my last FULL week at home with Liza before school workshops starts.  We didn't do anything big, but we spent alot of time together.  At the beginning of the week she got her second tooth, and was super fussy, but by the next day she was back to her happy little self.  In just the last week so many people have commented on how happy she is, I couldn't agree more.  She smiles at everyone.  She smiles with her entire face, and usually kicks those legs ;)  I want to think that she is just a happy baby, but I truly think that her sleep schedule helps with this.  Tonight as I was rocking her I began to think about how happy she is and how easy she has been.  You all know that the first month or so of Liza's life was a bit difficult for me, but once that time passed things have been so good.  I am so thankful that we have a good routine going just in time for her babysitter.  It will be so much easier for everyone.  Liza will be staying with a relative of Tyler's, just she and Liza.  We consider ourselves so lucky to have her.  She will be just like a grandmother to Liza!  Of course I will miss her, and I will cherish every single minute we have together, but I am excited about going back to work and having some adult conversations ;)  I know now that being a teacher is the PERFECT job for a mom. We will have so many breaks together, but Mommy will stay sane too! 

Tyler and I were just talking about how we really don't remember life before her.  We guess we watched a lot of tv ;).  Things weren't near as fun. She gives our lives so much meaning. Not a day goes by that I don't look at her and think "how did we make something so perfect?"  Being a mom is definetly the hardest job I have ever had, mainly bc I want to be the very best, but it's also more than I ever imagined it to be.

Here are some pictures from our week together...

She LOVES her new carseat...and Sophie

We got to go visit our favorite doctor and her sweet pups... Briggs is by far the sweetest dog ever...Liza pulled his ears and bit his nose, and he never moved...Thanks Donya for helping with Liza at the paint store :)

Liza scoots all over and her pants won't stay up...crack attack ;)

Sitting in her big girl chair

New favorite- Sock monkey...Sophie is still there too though

Ice cream face... We met daddy at Woods for lunch and she tried ice cream...and LOVED it!

Have a wonderful weekend... Liza's mom

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