Sunday, August 14, 2011

"she's like her daddy...she likes to jam...duh"

yesterday on the way home from wal mart i had the radio up pretty loud and all of a sudden...BAM liza moved BIG time...on my left side...the only way i can describe this move is like a bubble that started down low and rolled up to my was big enough that i turned down the radio and grabbed my side, and said "well hello little girl"...the minute i got home i told tyler...his response was "well duh, she's like her daddy...she likes to jam." if you have ever been around tyler and music you understand why this is so funny...he will bust out the centipede without second thought...deep down i hope she is just like him...So dance away sweet girl!

this is my 20th i am officially half way original due date was january 9th...but last week i had an ultrasound and based on her measurements and all it moved back to december 29th...we shall see...i am just thankful she is growing...a healthy baby is what we want...have a wonderful week...


  1. Best feeling in the world. :)

  2. love the dress- you look great! AND so awesome to move you due date up! i would LOVE for that to happen!