Sunday, July 31, 2011

London Fog

First of all if you have never painted with Benjamin Moore paint you should...I have always heard that "good" paint is so much better...very true! You pay for what you get it...We only had to do one coat and it went on SO mcuh better than some paints...We decided on London Fog bc it's more neutral and well thats what I wanted...Tyler did have a say so too ;)...We still have to add the crown molding and then the walls will be complete...We had a blast painting and talked about Liza the entire time... Tyler kept saying "this is going to be so much fun"...I couldn't agree more...When we were almost done I said "you know I'm sure we could have found help with this and it would have gone much faster" as serious as he could be Tyler said "I thought about it, but I really think this is something we should do alone"...and that is why I love him so...

These are the old mirrors that we took out of our bathroom when we moved in...I held onto them bc I had a feeling that I was going to want them for something...sure enough we are going to take the mirror out and line the back with linen and put these little dresses in them...perfect...just perfect!

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