Sunday, August 4, 2013

My job(s)

Two weeks from tomorrow school starts and so my days at home with my sweet girl are put on pause until Christmas. Somehow she will turn 2 then and I will cry big crocodile tears.  Of course I'm going to miss her like crazy, mostly our mornings in the bed. I've said this before and I'll say it again I think working makes me a better mommy in some ways. I seem to have more patience and our time together becomes precious.

Our summer has been wonderful.  Every day wasn't a party, but every single day I learned something from her.  Whether its patience...or learning to take a deep breath and hold her sweet little hand while  SHE walks down the stairs (even though we are 10 minutes late leaving the house.)

Her days with Sharon will begin again in two weeks and that's part of what makes it easier too. She loves being at Sharon's house. She loves the chickens outside, the good home cooked lunches, and most of all those two sweet people who without a doubt love her like their own.  Liza has continued going to Sharon's every Wednesday this summer, and she's always ready to jump out of her seat when we pull up. Sharon is truly a blessing to us.

I also miss my school family.  I've been there 8 years and they are so much more than coworkers. I miss the kids and our conversations. I always look forward to new fresh groups of kids.  The kids become mine after just a few weeks. After all I spend more time with them than their mommies.

It wasn't until I held Liza for the first time that I really realized how much trust those parents put  in me. Of course I'm suppose to prepare their babies for that lovely test we have to take in the spring, and of course I must prepare them for the 5th grade, but its sooooo much more than that.  I remember going back to work when Liza was 4 months old and walking into that room with a completely different outlook.  I want those parents to feel as sure as I do when I drop Liza off  at Sharon's.  Sharon's not only feeding/changing/playing with Liza, she's loving her and hugging her and helping her grow into a sweet little girl...who shares and loves others unconditionally.

So not only am I teaching/assessing/disciplining my kids... I'm responsible for teaching them to be kind...and confident...and fair (Being a 10 year old girl isn't easy :)

I read a wonderful blog last week about "teacher moms" it was right on.  Although many would like to think we live inside a Pinterest house and our lives are all organized and together...  That is SO wrong.  The combination isn't an easy one.  It's tough some days.  Like the post said "some days we resent those classroom kids bc we spend more time with them than our own babies... and more than once I've been guilty of changing dates on lesson plans bc I'm too tired to write new ones...and sometimes kids who remind us of our own babies become our favorites...and somedays we are out of patience when we get home to our own babies"

All of that is so true, but its doable.  It's more than doable. It's what I was meant to do on this earth. I believe that with everything I have.  Be a mommy and a teacher. After all it goes hand in hand.

Liza's mom

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