Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slooooooow Down...

In just 6 weeks Liza will turn 2.  I've never been one to freak about age, turning 1 didn't really seem to bother me at all.  As a matter of fact I prefer a 1 year old over an infant any day, but it has hit me all of a sudden that her second full year of life is almost coming to an end.  I'm not sad that she is growing up, because I absolutely love this age.  I love the talking, the personality, the conversations we are able to have, and the comprehension she has.  What make me sad is that it has flown by.

 If you know me, or Tyler, you know that we are both fast paced people.  We don't do anything slow.  We get stuff done, and we don't waste time doing it.  If its time to clean the house, we are on it and done in no time.  Liza of course is us times 2.  She is absolute non stop, unless she sleeping.  She doesn't walk, she runs...everywhere! If something bores her, she is onto something else before you can blink.  With all of this being said I've realized we have got to slow down and take all this in.  This wont be easy for me bc slowing down is hard for me.  I have several friends who are so laid back and go with the flow, I wish I could be more like them.

This morning while we were getting ready for Sunday school, and I was trying to get dressed and gather up Liza's clothes at the same time she wasn't exactly cooperating.  She wanted to sit on my stool and "put makeup on." I picked her up and attempted getting her dressed all while she went completely limp.  At this point of course I was sweating and about to lose it.  I told her to straighten up if she wanted to go to church and play with kids.  She grabbed me around the neck and said "swooooow down mom...hold me" that did it.  I sat down on the floor in the closet and just held her.  She squeezed my neck for a solid minute I bet, which is VERY long for Liza.  Then she was fine.  Perfectly fine.  And got dressed with no problem.  I looked at Tyler and said "she is exactly right, we've got to slow down." What would it have hurt for me to let her sit and pretend to put makeup on for a minute, but instead I thought I was in a hurry.

So my goal is to try and slow down, because before I know it Liza will be grown.  No matter how organized and on schedule I think things need to be, I just need to slow down.  The same thing goes for my kids at school.  If you're a teacher you know how those little stories always go.  They always need to tell you a story right in the middle of something.  I always try and stop what I'm doing to listen, because lord knows some of my babies don't have anyone else listening to them.

So in the words of my "almost 2 year old" just slow down...and hold me!

Liza's mom

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  1. Love this. And you are so right. My baby Matt just turned 33...Adam will turn 35 in March and Jen is 37...My grands...Kelsey is 20, Reese is life has flown by and now a husband that doesn't remember if or what he did 5 minutes ago most days. But I know one thing for sure if I had it all to do over again I would have slowed down with them and not had to have everything so perfect in my house...and I definitely would have held them a little longer. One thing I know for sure that my Savior means more to me than anything and now I just try everyday to seek Him more and His will for my life. You are doing an amazing job! I admire you for all you do with Liza and those you teach.