Saturday, February 18, 2012

Survival Kit

Ok so we've survived 2 months or if we make it to Thursday we have ;) and these are the things that helped us survive...I have a lot of friends who are expecting and I thought this would be handy...a sort of survival list of what we have used for Liza Kate

First and foremost the nap nanny. For the first 3 weeks of LK's life she lived in this...It stayed on the foot of our bed and she slept in it all night...we have finally put it in her crib, and now she sleeps in the crib on her nap nanny...

Our swing and bouncy seat are wonderful. They are both snuggle bunny. She loves them.  They cradle her so much.Both of these are availabe at Target or Babys R Us.

We got a video monitor and it is fabulous. I watch her until I know she is asleep. I can't imagine ever putting her in another room without it.

I know there are so many bath tubs for babies and everyone has their opinion, but although we bought the fancy one from Babys R Us, this is the one we use and we LOVE can find it on amazon...It is basically a big spongue that the baby lays on...perfect for an infant and its only 8 dollars..yep!

I still "try" to be somewhat organized so this item is one of my favorites...I think its called a baby holds everything...I have diapers in one slot, wipes in one, and then desitin, baby powder, nose sucker, gripe water (which I will mention) gas drops, and paci's in  the other slot.  I got mine at a baby store in Eldorado, but I am sure they are easy to find.  I use this ALL THE TIME!

Since the baby bjorn isn't really for infants we used the moby wrap and I LOVE it...We use it all the time, even now that she can get in the bjorn she loves the wrap too..
I swear we would still be up all night if it weren't for the miracle blanket...At first I thought she dodn't like it...Then after getting NO sleep, I decided that didn't really matter...So we attempted it and she slept so much 1 month old LK was sleeping from 10-5...I wrap her before bed and during nap time...It is a miracle!
Here is another life saver...The sound machine...The minute I turn it on...she freezes...She likes rain, but it has different sounds...I bought it at Wal Mart...Well worth 30 dollars...

Last but not least gripe water...It is fabulous... The minute LK gets hiccups I give her a few drops and they are gone...also just to dip her paci in...she may be addicted...gas drops are a must too, but I figure everyone knows that...

Hope this is useful in some way...Some way somehow my baby will be 2 months old on Thursday...breaks my heart...Happy Saturday...

Liza's mom


  1. She is so adorable!! Love the list and we use almost everything on it too! The swing is great for sleeping newborn but wait until she starts watching those cute little birds...even better:)

    And for dads/moms tht may think the nap nanny is over priced. It is by. far. the best thing we have purchased. We take it to grandmas too instead of playpen.

  2. I have all of these except the moby! They are all necessities!!!