Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Liza and Sophie

Somehow my baby girl is 4 months old...I swear she was born yesterday...Things are busy busy around here.  We are constantly on the go. Liza is not a fan of being still (where in the world does she get that) so we move around A LOT... She hangs out in the bjorn, we go on walks in the stroller, or we just bounce...big time bouncing...and don't think you can trick her and sit down while she's in the bjorn...NOPE... she is not having that... She met her new BFF a few days ago and fell in love...Sophie the giraffe is the bomb...Liza loves her to pieces, but at the same time wants to eat her head off... I'm cool with that though, if it helps those gums...chew away honey... Tonight she played in her new walker, but never let go of Sophie...

Tyler picked up Subway, and we thought we could squeeze in  dinner before bathing Liza...I had to take a picture bc this is what "dinner time" looks like these days...on the floor, while we bounce Liza around... I'm not sure why we have furniture...notice on the floor- subway sandwiches, drinks, burp cloths, gripe water, toys, the laptop, cell phones...the list goes on :)

Happy Hump Day-
Liza's Mom

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