Friday, February 1, 2013

hugs and kisses

Last night before Liza's bedtime, after getting her all lotioned up and dressed, she was laying on her back on my bed.  This never ever happens, because she pretty much never stops moving unless she is sleeping. I was standing beside the bed by her feet.  I bent down to kiss her and she put those sweet, chubby arms around my neck and squeezed me so tight.  I completely melted.  All of a sudden I realized she is isn't a baby.  There she lay underneath me, I squeezed her back just as hard and with that she opened her mouth and "kissed" me right on the lips.  Unless you have a child, this feeling is foreign to you.  Words can't really explain it.  It's a love that I've never ever felt.  Different from every other love.  I wanted to scoop her up and never let her go.

Tonight as I was rocking her, it happened again.  This time she had my hand.  In the pitch dark we rocked back and forth and for a solid minute she kissed my hand.  Then held it as tight as she could until she fell asleep.  When I laid her down in bed I literally had to pry her sweet little fingers off of mine.  Times like this all I can do is thank God for giving her to me.  I can't believe I've had her for 13 months.  I need moments like these to keep me going.  Some days are so tough, and I often reach that breaking point when I don't think I can continue.  Then she squeezes my neck and I fall to my knees. 

As bad as I miss having a tiny baby, the days just keep getting sweeter.

Happy Friday
XOXO, Liza's Mom

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