Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunday funday

days like today make all those hard days disappear.  we didn't do a lot, but what we did do was perfect.  it was just the three of us, all day long.  we went to the dog show this morning, and liza loved it.  i knew she would.  she "woofed" at all the dogs and made friends with a sweet golden retriever named lucy.  by the time we left i was convinced she needed an inside dog.  then i remebered all the dog hair and quickly changed my mind.

 after the dog show, we went to eat lunch.  liza made a new friend.  she loves old people.  she gets that from me.  i could sit and talk to old people forever.  this sweet little lady in andy's came right over and visited with us during our lunch.  they played peek a boo and she told liza all about her great grandchildren. 

our afternoon was spent outside.  the weather was perfect.  axle and addi came out for a while, until addi took off, and then she had to go back in dad's shop.  axle is so gentle with liza.  he follows her all over, and gets as close as he can get without knocking her over.  she loves him more than anything.  i bet she gave him 10 kisses, and then took off running.  he has no idea he is enormous, but he does know that he must be gentle with her. 

i wish i could record days like today.  record our conversation.  record tyler telling liza that she is the most perfect little girl in the whole wide world.  record liza's giggles.  i know there will be days very soon when i will miss this so much.  if i could hit pause, i would.  life has never been so sweet. 

here are a few pics from the dog show...and our afternoon.

liza's mom

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