Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring break and blueberries

Where do I start?  One of the many perks to my job is having spring break and summer break.  I knew this would be very important when I had kids.  My mom was always home with Hannah and I during these times, and I plan to do the same.  We had no big plans for our week except that we knew we were going to see the boys in Benton toward the end of the week.  We hung out at home part of the week and saw Daddy off on Thursday morning and then we headed to Benton.  Cookie was there with the boys and from the minute we walked in the house the 3 of them played non stop.  Liza loves Pratt and Max so much.  I love watching the 3 of them together.  On Friday, Cookie and I lost our minds and took the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese.  It was fun, but attempting to chase them in 3 different directions was tough.  They were exhausted when we left!  We went to the lake on Friday and then headed home Saturday.  Up until that point it was pretty much smooth sailing for mom. 

All of that changed when Liza spewed blueberries all over my kitchen.  I wish someone had been there to video us.  She was looking at me like "What the heck just happened to me, and where is my paci?"  I was looking at her... and the walls... and the ceiling... and the floor in complete shock.  I know my mouth was wide open.  I seriously was walking in circles holding a baby covered in vomit.  I grabbed my phone and called my mother in law who was here in less than 5 minutes.  When she walked in I still had this look on my face and I kept saying "Oh my goodness...What am I going to do...Oh my goodness... Poor baby!"  She saved the day by coming over to help.  She continued throwing up for an hour and then fell asleep.  I was able to slip zofran in her mouth and 2 hours later she woke up much better.  Still really pitiful, but no more throw up.  It was so hard, but I kept trying to remind myself that people deal with things that are much much more serious and this would be ok.  Late last night I began to feel sick too, but lets just say this I got the "easier" version of the bug. 

With all this being said, I have never been so excited to see Tyler.  We missed him big big big time.  It's just not the same around here without him.  This morning while Liza and I were playing in the playroom I realized this place is just a house without everyone here.  Its really not our home until we are all here together.  I now know I can do it alone  (if I have to)  even with vomit all over me...but I sure do prefer doing it with Tyler.  On another note, Tyler won 1st place at mud nationals! WOO HOO!

Tomorrow is Monday and I will go back to work.  I know I will miss Liza, but I also know that it will be somewhat of a break for me.  I also know that she will have a wonderful day with Sharon.  So I learned a few things this week..#1 if there is a chance you could possibly have the stomach virus do not eat blueberries #2 We wouldn't survive without daddy #3 Having a job makes me a better mom.

Liza's mom

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