Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My prayer for Liza

Today I witnessed something that not everyone will experience in their life.  This isn't that unusual since I do work in a school, but today was different.  As I walked out into the hall I heard crying and turned to see one of our precious handicap students attempting to use her walker.  I don't know much about this student, but I do know that she is in a wheel chair 90% of the time.  As I stood and observed what was going on, I realized that she was attempting to make it down the hall using her walker only.  This is very difficult for her bc she is very weak and becomes exhausted quickly.  Her aide was on her knees, holding her hand, trying to motivate her to make it just a few more steps.  By the time I reached her side, she had drawn quite the crowd, including her entire class, who had joined her in the hall.  All 19 classmates were cheering and saying things like "You can do it!" and. "Look how far you've come!"  The tears continued flowing , but she pushed herself right through that doorway and there she sank onto the floor.  By this point I was crying my eyes out.  The kids surrounded her and continued bragging on her.  I walked over to her and said "You are so strong and I am so proud!" She looked up at me with the biggest grin and said "Thank you Mrs. Knox" and took my hand...

As I walked back to my classroom, my mind went to Liza.  I thought of how she would've reacted to this situation.  Of course she is only 2, but I feel like even at a young age she would've reacted in some way.  My prayer is that Liza will be one of those cheering for her classmate.  I pray that she will be the student that teachers can rely on to help others and always be kind.  I pray that she will embrace differences.  I pray that she will love others because of what is on the inside.... Most of all, I pray that she will learn from others who aren't just like her...they have so much to offer.

Liza's Mom

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  1. Wow...now I have the tears rolling...good thing I am eating lunch alone in this conference room right now! :-)