Sunday, June 5, 2011

dear baby.

dear sweet baby,

my real name is hannah.  but you can call me honey.  or homey.  or han.  or hot dog for all i care.  i'll answer to anything.

i'm not sure of your name yet.  i know of two possibilities...but it all depends on your gender.

and about that.  i don't have a preference.  and i know that your sweet parents don't either.  they just want you to be healthy.  amen.

a few things, i guess.

i'm your mommy's sister.  i prayed for you long before you ever arrived here on earth.  i have seen your mommy with my two little boys and i knew that she was ready for you.  it's going to be so hard to wait until january to meet you.  but i'm not asking you to come early.  in just stay right where you are. and if you can come right on time.  on your due date.  whatever floats your boat, really.

let's see.  about your parents.

your mommy is one of the most organized people i know.  she likes to clean up areas that are cluttered.  part of this "cleaning" involves shuffling papers as quickly as she can.  putting them in stacks.  when i close my eyes, that's what i see her doing.  oh, and cleaning.  her house...your one of the cleanest houses ever.  mine is not.  come to my house and get your immunity.

your mom loves animals.  maybe more than people.  she is a school teacher.  and even though she acts tough about her students...she's really a total softie.  she is one of the funniest people i know.  she says things that only i would get.  like "one van phan".  be sure and ask her about that.  oh, and while we're on the subject, as her about justin timberlake.  and the letter she wrote to him.  oh...and ask her about stealing a mickey mouse backpack from disney world.  that's a good story...

your dad.  oh man. where to begin.  he has one of the biggest hearts ever.  he is honest.  and kind.  and he loves your mommy like no one else i've ever known.  (well, maybe her daddy.  your pop pop.) he's talented.  and someday could build you a playhouse.  or a real house.  probably whatever you choose.

oh, his laugh.  well, you'll just have to hear it for yourself.  it's fantastic.  and his songs.  they are fantastic too.  i'm pretty sure that he will spend most of your youth, waking you in the morning with his songs.  you'll love it.

okay.  i guess that's all for now.  i'm turning this blog over to your mother.  i'm making it for her as a surprise.  i think she will love keeping up with her pregnancy...and your life.

i love you little one.  so very, very much.

i cannot wait to meet you.


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  1. Hello little one. I'm your Cookie and I am so looking forward to your arrival. It just might be on your pop pop and my 40th wedding anniversary and that would be the best gift ever. As I tell you all of this, I am waiting on your cousin Pratt to fall asleep. He is staying with us for a few days because his brother Max is just 3 weeks old and your aunt Hannah and uncle Clint needed some rest. We have already planned our vacation for next year and you will be going with us to Destin. As Hannah said, you have a wonderful mommy and daddy and you are already loved and prayed for by so many. I love you, Cookie.