Tuesday, June 28, 2011

things that make me smile...

i'm officially addicted to looking online for "baby" stuff...non stop...like i need a summer job..its that bad...the good part is i dont know if we have a boy or girl...so i haven't bought anything yet...but come 20 weeks...its on...tyler is somewhere having a panic attack right about now...
after much thinking and searching we have an idea of what our nursery will look like...depending on the sex we will either paint pale pale blue or pale pale pink...like so pale it may look white...then put up white crown molding and majority of the nursery will be white stuff...i know i know, im crazy...but it can all be bleached if necessary ;)...i want a classy nursery..im not really into the bright stuff...here are a few pictures that make me oh so happy...happy tuesday

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  1. Spencer,
    I am sorry to tell you I'm going to start stalking your blog as well now, hope you don't mind:) Hannah's has enlightened and entertained me for a few years now.
    I love the nursery photo. Have you seen Serena and Lily(if not, check the website and request a catalog). For Tyler's sake, maybe you shouldn't- but it is amazing. The nursery collections are simply beautiful. Best of luck in your pregnancy and I can't wait to hear more:)
    Dannis Weathersby
    Ooltewah, TN