Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunflowers and Vampires

Our first Halloween with Liza was a success! We attended the annual downtown trick or treat in Smackover with Keitha and the girls last night. (and of course Chris, Liza's bf)  Believe it or not Liza was ok with her outfit.  I figured she would have the head piece off in no time, but she left it on.  She ate several dumb dumb suckers thanks to Keitha, and she loved being around all the kids.

Today we had  "dress up as a character from a book" day.  Heather and I dressed up as the Cullen sisters. I was Rosalie and she was Alice.  We even wore the "real" mold on fangs.  The kids loved it.  Then tonight we had our regular trick or treaters.  Our neighborhood is the spot! Liza loved seeing all the kids.  She laughed at all the mask. 

I can't believe next year she will be walking up to doors asking for candy.  Time can stop now.

Here are a few pictures from the last 2 days.

Happy Halloween.
XOXO, Liza's mom

Getting ready to head to Smackover

                           Sweet Lunden and Liza


          Alice and Rosalie Cullen (without the long blonde hair)

             The sweetest boys so polite...

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