Friday, July 15, 2011

the latest...

I never knew how impatient I was until now...My dad has always been sure of it...his favorite line is "slow down, and take a deep breath"...In the last few weeks it has been killing me not knowing what this baby is...I admire all of you who wait to find out...bc there is no way in you know where that I could wait...Tyler is much more chilled than I am...he does want to know, but unlike me...he isnt obsessing over it...I truly don't care...all I want is a healthy baby...since the day I found out we were pregnant I've thought it was a girl...not sure why...but every time I think of the baby I automatically think girl...everyone seems to think its a girl...From day 1 we were going to have a gender party to reveal the sex...What in the heck was I thinking?!?!?! It's a great idea an all, but NOT FOR ME! That would require me to have an ultrasound and not! So I'm lucky enough to have several friends who are nurses and willing to take a look pretty often...Even though we listen to the heartbeat daily...seeing that baby moving around makes everything seem so real...So we went Wednesday to take a look, and boy was he/she active...We were able to get several pics...and the tech was pretty sure of the sex...but bc I'm still early I'm not "announcing" it yet...I am going to wait until my next ultrasound...Everyone who saw the pic all agreed on the sex... but I want to make SURE! So here are a few pics of baby knox in action...Happy Weekend ;)

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