Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Improvement...

Our evenings are not the easiest/most pleasant time around here, but hopefully (fingers crossed) it's getting better! Since Liza was a month old, she has always been cranky around 6pm...that's when we decided...fine, we will just go to bed...yep, that early...and still to this day we bathe her at 6:30 and she is in bed by 7. I tell myself that she's just tired...she takes 2 naps a day, but requires A LOT of sleep. 

But, just maybe,she is getting better.  Each day seems a little more tolerable.  Today was a good day.  We played...I cooked supper while she played with magnetic letters on the fridge...she played in her balls...she looked at The Wheels on the Bus 50 times...and played Peak-A-Boo-Barn for 20 minutes...and then we all sat down and ate supper. (without crying)

Days like today make me consider having another baby... not any time soon, but the thought crosses my mind... Don't tell Tyler, he will move to the guest room ;)

Happy Wednesday
XOXO, Liza's mom
Her teeth don't have a chance, she uses them to open things. Her uncle would die!

Reading The Wheels on the Bus... her favorite...notice the pop ups are all missing!

                      She points at everything...all day, every day!

 This face is a bit scary...I wish I knew what she were thinking...or maybe I don't want to know ;)

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