Sunday, November 11, 2012


Every year for tha last 4 years Tyler and I have always gone away for our birthdays.  The last few years we've gone to Shreveport, mainly because there's plenty to do for both of us... he gambles while I shop- makes complete sense ;)  Last year I was (BIG time) pregnant.  I remember like it was yeaterday we were walking through a store and a lady said " Oh when are you due?" Tyler immediately said "She's not pregnant!"  Her face was priceless.  I fell out laughing and informed her that I had 1 month left.  Also, last year Arkansas was playing LSU... We ate and went back to the room to watch the game and sleep.  I was big and tired!  If only I had known the true meaning of tired haha!

We knew we wanted to get away this year too, but of course questioned going.  Should we just stay home? Do we really need to shop?  Do we want to give up a Saturday with Liza?  Finally we decided we had to go..even if we just drove 30 minutes down the road...we had to.  We owed it to us...our marriage...our friendship...we must get away.  I can remember laying in bed when I was pregnant with Liza and wondering how things were going to be once she was here.  I can remember worrying that Tyler and I would grow apart, because after all taking care of a newborn requires ALL of your attention.  I can remember him being worried about this same thing.  We were clueless, but we were smart enough to know that things were going to change.

I will be completely honest, you are lying to yourself and everyone around you if you say having a child isn't hard on a marriage bc well, it just is.  We never had to "work" at our marriage, it just worked all by itself.  We talked all the time, we sat down and ate dinner together every night, we ate breakfast in bed every morning...we did everything together... and we were right things did change.  There is no way that things can remain the same.  We now have a precious little girl that needs all of our attention.

On the way to Shreveport we talked about this.  About how we wouldn't trade her for the world and we can't imagine our life withour her, but how important it is to get away and find "us" again.  Sit down at dinner and talk about anything we want.  Stay for 30 minutes after we finsih eating because we are in no hurry.  Lay around a hotel room.  Go to dinner at 8:00. ( which is very late when you are used to eating at 5:30) Most importantly focus all of our attention on each other for 24 hours.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in day to day routines.  I am so grateful that I have Tyler.  Are things perfect- heck no people... but they are just right for us.  Do we have bumps in the road? Yep, big ones...but we also know this is part of life... and we attempt to keep going.  Liza's gonna have trouble finding someone as good as her daddy...big trouble!

Happy Sunday
xoxo- Spencer

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